Here is a partial list of test standards we can help you with:


ASTM - The American Society of Testing Materials. 

DES has completed testing to numerous ASTM standards including package testing, ultra-violet testing and salt spray (fog) testing. 


EIA-364 - Test Procedures for Electrical Connectors and Sockets

We are experts in testing to EIA-364 Electrical Connector Performance Test Standards including mating/un-mating force, shock, vibration, temperature, humidity, low level contact resistance, dielectric withstanding voltage, insulation resistance.


IEC 60068-2 - Environmental Testing

DES has performed numerous environmental tests to IEC 60068-2 International Standards on electronic products and components to see if they will survive under extreme conditions of cold and heat, vibration, shock, altitude, etc.


ISTA - International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) Packing Testing

Let DES determine if your packaging is sufficient to withstand harsh shipping conditions by completing ISTA testing. Some of the packaged products that we evaluated were for commercial, medical device, and pharmaceutical industries. 


JESD22 - Test Standards for Microelectronics

We have the experience and capability for testing electrical components to JEDS22 standards including HAST, temperature cycling, thermal shock, vibration, mechanical shock, etc. 


MIL-STD-202 - Electronic and Electrical Component Parts

DES has completed many tests to MIL-STD-202 methods including temperature, vibration, mechanical shock, dielectric withstanding voltage, insulation resistance.


MIL-STD-331 - Fuze and Fuze Components, Environmental and Performance Tests

We have performed numerous specialized tests for military fuzes under MIL-STD-331. 


MIL-STD-810 - Environmental Engineering Considerations and Laboratory Tests

DES has the experience and qualifications to perform testing to many of the MIL-STD-810 test methods including hot and cold temperature, low pressure (altitude), solar radiation, humidity, salt fog, acceleration, vibration, shock, pyroshock, gunfire shock, combined temperature-humidity-altitude. 


MIL-STD-883 – Microcircuits

MIL-STD-883 is a military standard for electronic components.  We have the capability and experience for testing to many of the MIL-STD-883 methods including altitude, insulation resistance, moisture resistance, salt corrosion, thermal shock, mechanical shock, vibration. 


RTCA/DO-160 - Environmental Conditions and Test Procedures for Airborne Equipment

We have the expertise and qualifications to test products used in aircraft and helicopters according to RTCA/DO-160.  We have completed many tests including temperature and altitude, temperature variation, humidity, operational shock and crash safety, vibration, salt spray. 


SAE J1455 - Environmental Practices for Electronic Equipment Design in Heavy-Duty Vehicles 

DES has tested many electronic products used in cars, trucks, and buses to SAE J1455.  Some of the tests that we have performed include temperature, humidity, salt spray atmosphere, mechanical vibration and mechanical shock.


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