In order to stay competitive in today’s marketplace, your products must be reliable and have longer warrantees.  DES can evaluate its reliability in our world class accredited reliability test lab.  We have been performing reliability testing for aerospace, automotive, medical, telecom, and military industries for many years.

Why Choose DES for Reliability Testing?

  • We are an industry-wide leader in the field of product reliability testing!
  • We are an accredited test lab!
  • We are committed to accuracy and thoroughness!
  • We can help make your products more robust and help you get them to market faster by using some of the reliability test methods below!

What are the different types of Reliability Testing that we can perform?

  • HALT Testing: Highly Accelerated Life Testing:  HALT is a reliability test method that exposes items to combined stresses of temperature, vibration, electrical loads and more. HALT can help you compress time to market, reduce warranty costs, improve customer satisfaction, gain market share, and increase profits.  DES has multiple HALT chambers and extensive HALT expertise.   Learn more about HALT Testing
  • Lead Free & SnPb Solder Joint Reliability Testing:  Lead-free solders are more challenging to work with than tin-lead solders. This increases the risk of solder joint defects which could lead to field failures. It is essential to validate your product’s solder joint reliability using Reliability Testing.  Discover more about DES’s Lead Free & SnPb Solder Joint Reliability Testing Capabilities
  • MEOST:  Multiple Environment Over Stress Testing (MEOST) is a reliability test similar to HALT.  MEOST also uses combined stresses of temperature, vibration, electrical loads to expose weaknesses.  However, MEOST uses a slightly different methodology than HALT.  Find out more about MEOST Testing
  • Reliability Test Plans:  Many times a product does not fit into a category of testing under standard specifications such as military, automotive or aerospace.  Or do you need to demonstrate a MTBF?  Then specialized reliability planning is required.  We have the knowledge and experience to develop a custom reliability test plan, accelerate test time, build custom test setups, run the tests, and analyze the results.  Learn more about DES’s capability to develop Custom Reliability Test Plans