DES offers package testing within our environmentally controlled, A2LA accredited and ISTA certified testing laboratory.  Package testing is performed to test the durability of packaged products in their shipping containers.  Both the shipping container and the effectiveness of the packing are being tested.  

Why perform package testing?  The world has changed to on-line ordering and direct shipping.  To be successful, you must be able to consistently ship your products to your customers without damage.  Thus, it is essential to evaluate the ruggedness and effectiveness of your package design through package testing.  By reducing product damage during shipping, you can:

  • increase profits,
  • reduce losses by not having to repeat ship products multiple times,
  • save staff time and company resources by having less claims,
  • increase sales by obtaining repeat orders from satisfied customers.

What are the different Package Testing Standards that we can perform?

  • ASTM Package Testing:  Typical ASTM package test specifications are ASTM D4169 and D7386.  These specifications are designed around a distribution environment that contain multiple events such as drops, vibration, compression loading, etc.  Learn more about ASTM Package Testing
  • ASTM Vibration Testing:  These specifications have protocols for vibration testing only.  The typical ASTM vibration test specifications are ASTM D999, ASTM D3580 and ASTM D4728.  Discover more about ASTM Vibration Testing
  • ASTM Environmental Package Tests: Typical test specifications are ASTM D4332, ASTM D6653, and ASTM F1980.  ASTM D4332 covers temperature and humidity conditioning.  ASTM D6653 is for altitude testing.  ASTM F1980 is a guide for accelerated aging.  Learn more about ASTM Environmental Package Testing
  • ISTA Package Testing:  ISTA has many different package test procedures.  They are designed around distribution environments that contain multiple events such as drops, vibration, compression loading, etc.  Learn more about ISTA Package Testing

 DES’s Package Testing Equipment Capabilities Include:

  • Random or sinusoidal vibration
  • Drop testing
  • Package compression testing
  • Environmental conditioning (temperature, humidity)
  • Altitude testing