While there are many reasons to choose Delserro Engineering Solutions, we would like to focus on a few key points:

1. We help you get your products to market faster

DES can get your products to market faster by using accelerated testing methods. Our tests include:

Accelerated product life cycle – Gathering failure data on the life cycle of new products can take years under normal conditions, but accelerated life cycle testing allows us to reduce the time to failure to a matter of days or weeks.

Dynamics test – Is your product rugged enough to withstand shipping, dropping and harsh environments? Can it survive traveling by car/truck, helicopter or flying in a rocket? Our shock and vibration testing can give you a definitive answer.

Electric connector/cable testing – Electrical connectors and cables are a crucial part of any electronics product. DES has the experience and equipment to perform reliable, repeatable testing to ensure your connectors and cables can withstand severe stresses.

Environmental and climatic tests
– DES offers top of the line environmental test equipment from leading manufacturers, allowing us to simulate the most extreme climatic conditions. What sets us apart is our knowledge of how to relate test time to time in the field.

HALT (Highly Accelerated Life Testing)
– This is an intensive method used to reveal design and process weaknesses and help ensure product reliability. Its accelerated nature makes HALT faster, cost-effective and more accurate than standard testing techniques.

No matter the testing method, DES has the knowledge and experience to develop a custom reliability plan, accelerate the test time, build a custom test set up, run the test and analyze the results. Don’t think of these as tests, but rather as testing solutions, aimed at improving your product reliability, which in turn increases your profitability. 

2. We are committed to accuracy, thoroughness and a fast turnaround
It might seem as though those concepts can’t coexist. How can we be thorough and accurate, yet still provide a fast turnaround?
It’s because our team has spent decades conducting hundreds of tests and have honed our skills to be able to achieve results more quickly. Our knowledge of areas such as test time to field time in climatic tests demonstrates we are able to conduct tests that other labs can’t.

We’ve developed our quality system to comply with ISO/IEC 17025, with test and measuring equipment calibrated to ANSI/NSCL Z540.1 and typically ISO/IEC 17025. Our lab is accredited by A2LA, the country’s leading accreditation agency, thus demonstrating our technical competence and commitment to quality. 

3. We have experience managing large, multi-million dollar testing projects
We’ve tested products for clients in a wide range of industries all over the world, including aerospace, telecom, medical and consumer products companies. Our satisfied customers include everyone from Adidas, Crayola, Medtronic,  and Rolls Royce to Boeing, Lockheed Martin and the U.S. Army.

More than 70 percent of our business comes from repeat clients who value our exceptional, personalized service, and after nearly 25 years in business, we have yet to receive a customer complaint.
And although we’re based in a quiet rural space, we’re an easy drive from major cities such as New York, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.

Customer Testimonials

“Your quality of work is second to none and we really appreciate your ability to turn around jobs extremely fast and your test reports are some of the most professional we have seen. Thank you very much for all your hard work!”

- Sr. Engineer Test Technician, Esterline Corporation

“Excellent report – very pleased with your work.”

- Process Engineer, SV Probe Inc.

“Always timely response and excellent detailed reports.”

- Engineering Manager, Enersys

“Congratulations!  You have met or exceeded the points required per our Quality Management System.  Again thank you for your outstanding contribution to our success.  Job well done!”

- Quality Manager, Q-Card