DES has top of the line environmental test equipment from leading manufacturers. All of our equipment has digital controllers and computerized data acquisition. We can simulate the most extreme climatic conditions in our controlled laboratory and are able to perform testing to many different specifications. What sets DES apart from other labs is our knowledge on how to relate test time to time in the field.  If you are unsure of what test conditions that you should use, what specification to choose, or how to correlate your test to field life we are happy to assist!

DES is accredited to many environmental and climatic test standards under Certificate Number 4998.01. If you have any further questions, please contact us.


What are the different types of Environmental & Climatic Testing?

Environmental & Climatic Testing encompasses a wide range of tests, including, but not limited to:

  • Altitude Testing:  High altitude testing simulates low pressures encountered in aircraft, missiles or outer space environments.  Low altitude testing simulates below sea level environments.  DES can perform testing from below sea level to outer space environments.  Learn more about Altitude Testing
  • HAST Testing:  Highly Accelerated Stress Test reduces the time it takes to complete humidity testing by testing above 100°C.  HAST Testing is typically performed on electronic or hermetically sealed components.  Find out more about HAST Testing
  • Temperature & Humidity Testing:  These climatic tests can simulate extreme environments of Humidity, High Temperature, Low Temperature and Temperature Cycle.  Products that are exposed to extreme temperatures and humidity can fail or operate out of specification.  Discover more about Temperature & Humidity Testing
  • Rain & Icing Testing:  Rain and Ice can damage or cause faulty operation of outdoor products.  Learn more about Rain & Icing Testing
  • Salt Fog & Corrosion Testing:  Perform Salt Fog & Corrosion Testing to evaluate resistance to rust, pitting, blistering.  This testing also checks if electrical connections are corrosion proof.  Learn more about Salt Fog & Corrosion Testing
  • Solar (UV) & Weather Testing:  Excessive exposure to solar & weather can cause fading of colors, make important labels illegible, cloud plastic windows, cause cracking in materials, etc.  Evaluate how your product performs under Solar (UV) & Weather Testing
  • Space Simulation Testing:  Is your product used in outer space, satellites, or rockets?  DES can simulate the harsh conditions encountered in outer space. Discover more about Space Simulation Testing
  • Thermal Shock Testing:  Thermal shock is a sudden change in the temperature of the surrounding atmosphere.  Physical damage or performance issues can occur in products that experience thermal shock.  Learn more about Thermal Shock Testing

DES can test to many specifications including:

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